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Unix, Xenix, & File Pro


Aperion Information Technologies Inc. has years of knowledge and experience that can get that XENIX machine up and running better than ever.  We offer new and used hardware options as well as software debugging and much more. Quality support and new hardware parts have been harder to obtain for SCO Xenix systems. 


UNIX is a mature, robust operating system which has been in use (through multiple versions, revisions and improvements) since 1969 and is still being used by millions of sites because of its speed, reliability and affordability.  Quality support and new hardware parts are becoming more difficult to find for many legacy UNIX systems. Aperion can help keep your investment in UNIX working! 


Do you have a current filePro program that's becoming outdated or which you no longer have support for? Would you like to have a fully customized program created specifically with your company's needs in mind? Do you need to add new features to your existing application such as Adobe Acrobat conversions, faxing out of filePro, email, integration to web pages or better looking outputs? Contact Aperion to see how we have helped other companies maximize the potential of your filePro application.