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Aperion CallPath

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Hosted PBX Features

What Makes Aperion CallPath the Clear Choice? 

Easy to use. Feature rich. Future-proof.


That’s what you get from CallPath right out of the box. Easily accessible via any modern web browser or mobile device, our feature rich platform helps to improve your communications, streamline your business processes, and facilitates your growth and success.


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Call Hold

Place calls on hold and play music or a commercial while a caller is on hold.


Call Park

Unlike a call placed on hold, a parked call may be picked up at another extension.


Call Queue

Call Queues are used to route calls on a first-in first-out basis to the appropriate extension or group.


Call Routing Time Frames

Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple

schedules can be configured from departments with

different hours of operation


Attended Transfer

Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number after announcing the party to be transferred.


Auto Attendant Answering

Setup a telephone number that dials directly to an Auto

Attendant. Callers are then presented with predefined

options via the Auto Attendant feature


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Used to route calls in a call center environment to the

appropriate agents, based on factors such as time availability, behavior, and priority levels


Call Forwarding

Forwards calls via the portal, or via your device or softphone. Calls may be forwarded to any extension or phone number.


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